Shortfilm "EN GARDE" promo video

The film has been released in August 2017 to the public and will be available for free in 2020



(the Dream Power)

Synopsis: Forgotten childhood dream in old grangpa's house can restore a fantastic friendship between the young man and a toy robot, which was made by his beloved grandfather.

Duration: 17 min

Directed by Daniels JOFFE

Duration17 mn

Produced in February 2014

Country: Latvia

Language: RUSSIAN

Category: Fiction

Genres: Fantastic, Social, Youth

Filmed in Digital

Director of photography: Alexey MELNIK


Sound: Sergey LALETIN

Actors: Yury SAFRONOV, Yury LUNYK, Svetlana STOLYAROVA, Nataliya SKIRMUNT

TV-Series "Yes, Boss!" (Trailer)

Directed and produced by Pavel Gumennikov
Shot by Martins Jansons, Antoffe Interaction 


Ad Meliorem (2011)

Written, Directed and Shot by Antoffe Interaction 

The Set Test (2011)

Written, Directed and Shot by Antoffe Interaction